Helping Hands


                              “It is our obligation to put back into the world at least

                                the equivalent of what we take out of it.”

                                                                                                          -Albert Einstein


About Us


Helping Hands was initiated in 1996 with a desire to share our gifts with those who are less fortunate. It provides an opportunity to make a difference for people who are struggling to survive in third world countries. Many of us are unable to devote several years in missionary work with service or religious groups, or with any of the many organizations that serve the needs of the poor. Helping Hands provides a variety of opportunities for short-term missionary service in a variety of ways: 

Ÿ Donate time to collect, pack, label, and ship materials and supplies

Ÿ Contribute needed supplies and materials

Ÿ Join a group of volunteers who travel to South-Central Jamaica or Kenya and                  work for several weeks

Ÿ Provide financial support – Helping Hands converts every dollar donated into

  $50- $60 of purchasing power

Ÿ Sponsor one year of education for a child ($180) or a teacher’s education for

   one year ($350) or a home for a family without one ($1,200)

These Helping Hands opportunities appeal to many people -- people who care and want to make a difference by sharing their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Contributors include retirees, teachers, students, physicians, construction workers, farmers, nurses, and many others.

Working with the people of south central Jamaica

The volunteers
who travel to South-Central Jamaica will experience the poorest conditions on the Island. The work projects, which are selected by local representatives, include all types of construction/repair work, home visits, painting, projects with children, chicken coops, medical care, and many other activities that allow volunteers to share their special gifts while spending time with the Jamaican people.


We are encouraged and supported by the more than 100 local missionary volunteers who need our involvement to complete their work. The infrastructure provided by these missionaries make our contribution possible. We are welcomed as guests and treated with warm, gracious, and sincere hospitality. It is the coordinated and combined efforts of these missionaries and the Helping Hands volunteers that make this project so meaningful. We invite volunteers of any faith who want to make a difference in the life of another human being.  



        WHEN: Usually November (men) and February (men and women) 


          COST: Approximately $1200 per person, which includes airfare,

                    lodging, breakfast/lunch, plenty of sunshine - tax deductible

                    (IRS CODE #170)


           ACCOMODATIONS: Usually the Mandeville or Invercauld Hotel. The

                                       sleeping rooms are clean, with toilet and shower facilities.


           MEALS: In addition to some food that you may bring, there will be chicken,

                       pizza, Chinese food, and a variety of local fruit and vegetables.


           WORK PROJECTS: Those who join our missionary volunteers for a visit to Jamaica have a variety of work projects to choose from on any given day.  This includes, but is not limited to; home repairs, painting, pre-school activities, home (12 x 16) construction, home visits, outdoor kitchen/toilet  construction, building chicken coops, simply taking time to visit with the local Jamaicans, by sharing a hug, a smile, or just listening.


With the objective of serving those in need, this missionary experience is often more interesting and satisfying than a typical vacation. The schedule is planned to allow for work, relaxation, rest, and some time to enjoy the unique and scenic areas of South-Central Jamaica. All events are optional -- even work.  If you need a day of relaxation, so be it.  If one day you want to be a carpenter and the next deliver home kits, that's what you'll do.  At various times, projects will include being a teacher, nurse, carpenter, farmer, baker, seamstress, plumber, physician, electrician, artist, welder, musician, listener, and friend. 







During the past fifteen years, Helping Hands has made 49 volunteer humanitarian trips to Jamaica, accomplishing the following:


  • 1,504 ton of materials and supplies valued at over 18 million dollars
    • 6,163 humanitarian volunteer person days in South-Central Jamaica, working with our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate materialistically than us! 
      • During the 49 volunteer trips to Jamaica, the following was accomplished:
        • Constructed:
          •  four basic schools – each with a playground set for the children
            • Holy Cross
            • Portland Cottage
            • Black River
            • Holy Cross addition
          • Two mission churches
          • Rectory for Fr. Peter in Fairburn
          • Medical clinic in Santa Cruz
          • Commercial greenhouse in Maggotty  
          • 88 new homes
          • 91 new and repaired roofs
          • 112 new and repaired outdoor toilets/kitchens
          • 80’ X 80’ sausage factory in Maggotty
          • 36’ X 45’ Helping Hands warehouse
          • Painted numerous homes, rectories, convent, etc.      
            • Provided education tuition for numerous students in Basic, Primary, and High School as well as College   
              • Constructed St. Gabriel Church
                • Refurbished several wards in the Gaichanjiru Hospital
                  • Built 24 mud homes for families in need
                    • Replaced 34 roofs on existing homes
                      • Constructed four outdoor kitchens
                        • Created thirty outdoor toilets
                          • Built 468 beds, each with a new mattress and blanket, that were given to needy families 
                            • Donated numerous goats, cows and chickens to needy families
                              • Sponsored many children’s school fees
                                • Sent one 40’ shipping container, with 20 ton of materials and supplies, that benefited 16 different organizations  







Helping Hands has made many humanitarian trips to Kenya, Africa – with two more planned. During those trips, 115 volunteers devoted 1,380 days of humanitarian work effort to the needy in five villages in the area of St. Gabriel Church and the Gaichanjiru Hospital.


The above labor of love resulted in the following being accomplished:





Helping Hands was able to accomplish the above because of the guidance provided by Reverend Fr. Peter Gitumbu, a missionary priest in Jamaica, who is from the St. Gabriel Church area in Kenya. Fr. Peter accompanied Helping Hands on five of the six trips to Kenya.


We also acknowledge the leadership of the Most Reverend James Maria Wainaina, Bishop of the Diocese of Muranga’.  It was with his guidance and complete support that we successfully sent the 40’ shipping container to Kenya and plan to send two more during 2012.


The Helping Hands volunteers, (each of you), serve as a witness to the deep and enduring faith maintained by our brothers and sisters who are amongst the poorest of the poor. We give them hope (by our example of love and charity), that there will be a better day! This is the most precious and meaningful gift that we have to share and to give.  



“Do all the good you can do – In all the ways that you can – To all the people you can – Just as long as you can”