Helping Hands


                              “It is our obligation to put back into the world at least

                                the equivalent of what we take out of it.”

                                                                                                          -Albert Einstein


Consider Donating... 

(must be in good condition)



Ÿ School Supplies – Heavier copy paper (for children), large pencils, wide-lined paper, construction paper, children’s scissors, 3’ x 5’ bulletin boards, glue, chalk & erasers, markers, thumb tacks, paints & brushes, pencils sharpeners, rubber cement, masking & scotch tape, balls, coloring books, puzzles, crayons.


Ÿ Teaching Aids/Supplies/AV: Tape recorders, CD’s, rhythm instruments, pre-school learning games, manual/electric typewriters, video cassettes, newer dictionaries and encyclopedia sets.


Ÿ Coloring Books/Puzzles/Crayons                            

Ÿ Copy, Writing and Craft Paper                                

Ÿ Bikes, Wagons, Strollers

Ÿ Lightweight Clothing - especially infant and


Ÿ All Types of Furniture (desks, bookcases, dressers, kitchen sets, tables, mirrors, chairs)


Ÿ Hand tools, garden shovels, hoes, rakes

Ÿ Towels, toiletries bathroom tissue

Ÿ 55 Gallon plastic barrels, 5 gallon pails, rain gutters

Ÿ Kitchen supplies, large pots, cast iron fry pans, plates, utensils, all types and  sizes of plastic containers

Ÿ Playground equipment

Ÿ Volleyball / Badminton Sets


Ÿ Beds – twin & full, sheets, mattress, mattress pads, pillows & cases, blankets

Ÿ Highchairs, playpens, baby beds, mattress, mattress pads, sheets, blankets, diapers, baby clothing

Ÿ Shoes (especially men’s & boy’s) – large sizes           

Ÿ Basketballs, soccer and tennis balls  

Ÿ Construction materials - lumber, sheets of steel for roofing (zinc), nails, doors

Ÿ Paint, brushes, rollers

Ÿ Craft supplies, yarn, sewing materials,

     sewing machines

Ÿ File cabinets, office equipment, desks, chairs

Ÿ Non-dated medical supplies  (gauze, aspirin,

   Tylenol, band aids, cotton balls, medical tape, vitamins, first aid creams, etc.)



You donate it and i

Ÿ Crutches, wheelchairs, walkers


Dollars, Pesos, Francs, Drachmas, whatever...We will put it to Great Use.



Send your Tax Deductable Personal Gift by check to:  
Helping Hands  
%Mary Pat Roovers 
480 Artesian Way,  
Wausau WI  54401