Helping Hands


                              “It is our obligation to put back into the world at least

                                the equivalent of what we take out of it.”

                                                                                                          -Albert Einstein


Volunteer Opportunities

There is so much that each of us can do.

The people we serve in South-Central Jamaica lead simple lives. They are a beautiful, faith-filled people who are surviving without basic necessities. Since their existence is so meager, you can make a significant difference.   We are collecting supplies (enclosed list) for our next shipment.  If you do not have any of these items to donate, you probably know a family member, friend, or acquaintance who does.   


A most interesting and rewarding experience is to join a group of volunteers as they travel to Jamaica and work with projects to: 

Construct/repair social facilities:

To build community centers, churches, basic schools, youth centers, trade schools, etc., we need your skills and talents. Such facilities are the future of the Jamaican people, as they are taught to become more self-sufficient. 

We are always in need of financial support.      

Helping Hands is proud to convert every dollar donated into $30 - $50 dollars of purchasing power.  Every cent of every donation is used to support the people of South-Central Jamaica. Our administrative overhead is less than two (2) percent.

Sponsor a child's education!

Helping Hands is seeking donors to sponsor Jamaican children for school or a qualified Jamaican adult to become a certified teacher. Many children do not attend school because they cannot afford the tuition and uniform expense.  Providing an education to these children and their teachers is a valuable contribution to their future.  Sponsors can be families, organizations, individuals, etc.  There is a tremendous need to assist children and teachers to receive the appropriate education.  Amounts required to support their education are: 


Basic School - Tuition, books and uniform for one year - $180.00

Teacher Degree Education - Tuition for one year (7 courses) -$350.00

High School - $500.00 - $900.00 


Your generosity is greatly appreciated! For additional information, call Tom or Mary Pat Roovers at 715-842-4270 or email at

Our work effort occurs within the Diocese of Mandeville:


Local Parishes  - Helping Hands is dedicated to assist and support local Parishes throughout the Mandeville Diocese.  This includes assisting with the building of schools, homes, outdoor kitchens/toilets, etc.  We will continue to support all Parishes with future shipments of supplies and volunteer visits.


Missionaries – There are many missionaaries who devote their time and energy in ministering to the poor throughout the Diocese.  They have many needs as they perform their missionary work in schools, orphanages, medical clinics, etc.  We support them with every shipment and during each visit.  They are marvelous individuals who are dedicated to serving the poor. 


The Diocese of Mandeville - We assist with a variety of needs throughout the Diocese of Mandeville as suggested by the Bishop, who leads the missionary effort for the Diocese. We also “discover” a variety of needs as we meet many “locals” throughout the diocese.